Psalter 14

Verse 1
O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
How excellent Thy Name!
Thy glory Thou hast spread afar
In all the starry frame.

Verse 2
From lips of children, Thou, O Lord,
Hast mighty strength ordained,
That adversaries should be stilled
And vengeful foes restrained.

Verse 3
When I regard the wondrous heav'ns,
Thy handiwork on high,
The moon and stars ordained by Thee,
O what is man, I cry.

Verse 4
O what is man, in Thy regard
To hold so large a place,
And what the son of man, that Thou
Dost visit him in grace.

Verse 5
On man Thy wisdom hath bestowed
A pow'r well nigh divine;
With honor Thou hast crowned his head
With glory like to Thine.

Verse 6
Thou has subjected all to him,
And lord of all is he,
Of flocks and herds, and beasts and birds,
And all within the sea.

Verse 7
Thy mighty works and wondrous grace
Thy glory, Lord, proclaim.
O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth
How excellent Thy name.
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