Psalter 13

Verse 1
Jehovah, my God, on Thy help I depend;
From all that pursue me O save and defend;
Lest they like a lion should rend me at will,
While no one is near me their raging to still.

Verse 2
When wronged without cause I have kindness returned;
But if I my neighbor maltreated and spurned,
My soul let the enemy seize for his prey,
My life and my honor in dust let him lay.

Verse 3
O Lord, in Thy wrath stay the rage of my foes;
Awake, and Thy judgment ordained interpose.
Let peoples surround Thee and wait at Thy feet,
While o'er them for judgment Thou takest Thy seat.

Verse 4
All nations of men shall be judged by the Lord;
To me, O Jehovah, just judgment accord,
As faithful and righteous in life I have been,
And ever integrity cherished within.

Verse 5
Establish the righteous, let evil depart,
For God Who is just tries the tho'ts of the heart.
In God for defense I have placed all my trust;
The upright He saves and He judges the just.

Verse 6
The Lord with the wicked is wroth every day,
And if they repent not is ready to slay;
By manifold ruin for others prepared
They surely at last shall themselves be ensnared.

Verse 7
Because He is righteous His praise I will sing,
Thanksgiving and honor to Him I will bring,
Will sing to the Lord on Whose grace I rely,
Extolling the Name of Jehovah Most High.

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