Psalter 10

Verse 1
In the fullness of Thy grace to Thy house I will repair,
Bowing tow'd Thy holy place, in Thy fear will worship there.
Lead me in Thy righteousness, let my foes assail in vain;
Lest my feet be turned aside, Make Thy way before me plain.

Verse 2
False and faithless are my foes, in their mouth no truth is found;
Deadly are the words they speak, all their tho'ts with sin abound.
Bring, O God, their plans to nought, hold them guilty in Thy sight,
For against Thee and Thy law they have set themselves to fight.

Verse 3
O let all that trust Thy care ever glad and joyful be;
Let them joy who love Thy Name, safely guarded, Lord, by Thee.
For a blessing from Thy store to the righteous Thou wilt yield;
Thou wilt compass him about with Thy favor as a shield.

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