The Heidelberg Catechism in Simplified Questions & Answers

Please note this introduction to our reprint of The Heidelberg Catechism in Simplified Questions and Answers. Pastor Pronk prepared this several years ago. It was used in many Free Reformed churches and in other denominations. We reprinted it and present it now. It is attractively bound with a spiral binding for easy use by Catechism students. The entire Catechism is included brought to a language level perhaps easier for new church attenders and children in your congregations in grades four through six.

We highly recommend this resource to you for visitors, catechumens, and whatever way you deem it appropriate. FRCNA publications is selling these at $4.00. Retail is $6.50. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

May God bless also this resource for the well-being of our covenant children and those He brings into our fellowship.

Henk Kleyn, new publications coordinator

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