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The Administration of His Offices in the Believer
by Gerard Wisse

All who treasure experiential truth will find Christ’s Ministry in the Christian to be a rare treasure—a devotional gem of exquisite beauty. In this profound, instructive, and precious volume, Rev. Gerard Wisse (commonly referred to as Professor Wisse due to his eight-year tenure as theological instructor) describes and delineates the very essence and marrow of Christian experience in a stirring and inimitable manner.

He presents experience as being a direct result of, and flowing out of, the ministry of Christ by His Spirit within the believer — a ministry consisting in the administration of His three offices as Prophet, Priest, and King.

What makes this book so unique and appealing to all who love the saints’ “book of comfort,” the Heidelberg Catechism, is that Wisse deals with this threefold ministry of Christ within the framework of the three classic divisions of the catechism: misery, redemption, and gratitude. Rev. Wisse, as a man taught of God, delineates how Christ administers His three offices in each of the three dimensions of Christian experience. It is thus that Christ restores the image of God in the believer and makes him fit to be a citizen of the new Jerusalem — fit to awake satisfied with Christ’s likeness, and to behold Jehovah’s face in righteousness.

Heartily recommended for your experiential reading and soul’s edification,

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