Churches of the Aldeas

Churches of the Aldeas
A number of small churches or house groups have been established in the mountain regions surrounding Cubulco. The churches are served by local men (obreros) and many have their own elders and deacons as well. These local men, and some members of the congregations attend the Bible Insititute (Centro Teologico de Cubulco) which consists of both academic and theological education. Many have only obtained elementary education. The goal for them is to receive their high school diploma in theology, which they should achieve by the end of 2007. Another goal is to provide instruction to those in the churches that desire to increase their knowledge of the Bible.

Rev. Everts and Nico are presently teaching classes in the aldea churches in regards to election of office bearers to form consistories. These men will subsequently trained how to take up their office and fulfill their tasks and duties as elders and deacons. The missionaries oversee these churches now and visit them regularly. Many are accessible only by foot, up mountain trails.


Patuy The brothers and sisters of this church continue to faithfully attend the church services. This church consists of about 77 people including children. The construction of their church building is almost complete.

Chirramos This is a small church. This past year they have begun a Sunday School for the children. Over the past years the members have included the Sunday services and Sunday school as part of their weekly activities and church life has been given greater priority.

Pichal This church is very small, and has had trouble with members being consistent. Some members have joined different churches because they have not embraced the Reformed doctrine, others have moved away and have joined the church in Cubulco. We pray that through God's provision the work will grow here.

Xeul Though in the past this church has suffered numerous problems, things have quieted down now. There is no obrero assigned to serve this congregation at this time. The mission workers and other obreros regularly visit this church to provide encouragement to the believers there.

Los Pajales A church had been built in this region, however when the land owner left the church, the church went with him. The majority of the members have stayed with the church and are now meeting in homes. Several new families, who are not Christian, have expressed a desire to attend the services because of the testimony of the church.

Chwiwesa This church is going quite well. Santiago, from Cubulco, has initiated a program as a means of getting more people to attend church. There are approximately 40 people attending. Santiago visits this aldea every Thursday and holds services and makes visits to the people.

Xinacati II This small group continues to faithfully attend the services with new families also attending. Nico regularly attends to this church and is often accompanied by young people from the church in Cubulco. This is beneficial for the young people and also uplifting for the congregation.

Portezuelo Hondo This is a small group which has grown some over the past year as several new families have begun attending services. Plans for construction of a church building have been stalled at this time and so members are meeting in homes.

Salamcho This is a new group of brothers and sisters who are regularly meeting for services and desires to build a church. Services are held at least once a week. Santiago is the obrero in charge of this group and holds services with them every Friday.

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