Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco

Guatemala - Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco The Free Reformed Churches are currently engaged in a mission project in Cubulco, Guatemala, a small village some 40 miles north of Guatemala City. On October 1, 1995 a new church, Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco, was instituted. At the Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco three worship services are held every week. The Saturday evening service is in Spanish and Achi, with the message delivered in Spanish and translated into Achi. The Sunday morning worship service is conducted in the Achi language. This is preceded by Sunday school classes, which consist of about 60 attendees. Furthermore, an Achi class for adults is held which has about 40 in attendance. In addition to this, catechism classes for the teenagers are held as well. The Sunday afternoon services are held in Spanish. Many youth in the community attend church even though their parents do not. They were initially attracted through Vacation Bible School and then continued attending the services.

A Bible reading plan is placed in the bulletin each week along with various questions. A number of the youth then regularly meet with Rev. Everts to discuss what they have read. "This past year we also started a Bible Institute in the mountains and in town for those members of the church who are interested in learning more about the Bible. In the past the focus has been on training the evangelists, so that they are equipped to do the work. However, the evangelists still lack a lot of training especially regarding Bible Interpretation and Reformed theology/doctrine in order to be able to adequately train others. For this reason we decided to focus on teaching other members of the church as well, with the goal to raise up leaders for the service of Christ and His church. We strongly encouraged the leaders of each of the churches (office bearers, etc) to attend since they need to be equipped in order to perform their duties properly. It is our hope that through the Bible Institute they will be better equipped to serve the church and rule it. In each of the centres before starting the first class an "Introduction to the Old Testament" Nico did a meditation on 1 Kings 3:1-15, which basically captures the goal of the Bible Institute. The focus was verse nine which reads, "therefore give to Thy servant an understanding heart to judge (rule) your people, that I may discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge (rule) this great people of yours". As leaders of a church we have a difficult task to serve and rule the body of Christ. We need a lot of wisdom to do so correctly. "At the beginning of 2005 we were also approached by a director of a local elementary school asking us to teach Bible Classes to grades 1-4. We jumped at the invitation realizing that we had a great opportunity to impact these children at an early age with Bible Stories. Each Monday morning Rina Everts teaches Grades 1-2 while Nico teaches Grades 3- 4. This has proven to be a good experience and also a privilege to be able to teach these children from the Word of God." (Excerpts from Nico and Lia's Newsletter January 2006)

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