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A brief profile of the missionaries and their families who serve the Lord on our mission field in Guatemala is presented here. With the exception of the Herfst family, all of our missionaries live in Cubulco, a small and isolated city surrounded by mountains. From there the mission workers carry out the tasks to which they were called and commissioned by our churches. The apostle Paul often recognized people personally for their services for the Gospel. We too, are thankful for the missionaries that God has given our churches. As we pray for fruits on their work, let us not forget to pray for their personal needs and those of their families.

Nico & Lia Kattenberg

Nico and Lia were sent out by the Chilliwack congregation in January, 2000 as missionaries to Guatemala. They lived and worked in Cubulco until June, 2009 after which they returned to Chilliwack, BC. After spending a year in Canada they decided to return to work in Guatemala. They are currently living in Guatemala City so that their children can attend a local missionary school. Nico spends half of his time overseeing and administering the three FRMI projects in Cubulco. He makes monthly and sometimes bi-weekly trips to Cubulco where he spends time working with the churches and leaders, the education project, and the translation department. He spends the rest of his time working in Guatemala City with AMG International. AMG International runs the hospital in Cubulco and has over 7,500 sponsor children all over Guatemala. Nico is in charge of monitoring and evaluating the projects that AMG has. Nico graduated in 1998 from Columbia Bible College with a bachelor degree in Missions and Cross-cultural studies. Nico and Lia have four children: Nico, Ellen, Jesse, and Tristan.


Mr. and Mrs. Nico Kattenburg

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