Home Missions and Church Plants
The Free Reformed Churches have for the past forty years engaged in home mission work in various communities throughout North America. Some of these efforts have led to the institution of new churches.

Radio Broadcast
The focus of our denominational evangelism has been on radio ministry by the The Banner of Truth Radio Broadcast. This half hour program is aired each Sunday on various radio stations in the U.S.A and Canada and on short-wave. Rev. Cornelis (Neil) Pronk was the radio pastor for 31 years. Rev. Hans Overduin is the current radio pastor. Rev. Kuldip Gangar of the Bellevue congregation is preparing weekly, half hour Bible studies that are broadcast on the radio in the Seattle, Washington area. The program is aired every Lord's Day and is entitled "The Old Paths," based on Jeremiah 6:16. Rev. From the many responses that come from as far as Africa, we may conclude that the Lord is blessing this work.

Local Congregations
Various local efforts of evangelism and witness such as Vacation Bible School, neighbourhood Boys and Girls Clubs, ministry in senior citizens homes, tract distribution, as well as other forms of outreach are engaged in by individual congregations.

Guatemala - World Relief The Free Reformed Churches are involved in the support of the Christian Medical Center in Cubulco, Guatemala. This medical center, actually a small hospital, provides medical care for the people in and around Cubulco and serves as a witness to the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. A primary concern is to serve the Achi Indian people in their own language. The project is funded by the international reformed relief foundation Word and Deed to which the Free Reformed Churches have been contributing. The hospital in Cubulco is managed by the American organization, Advancing Ministries of the Gospel. The administrator of the hospital, Mr. John Otten, together with his wife Connie and their children, are members of the Free Reformed Churches.

Churches of the Aldeas
A number of small churches or house groups have been established in the mountain regions surrounding Cubulco. The churches are served by local men (obreros) and many have their own elders and deacons as well. These local men, and some members of the congregations attend the Bible Insititute (Centro Teologico de Cubulco) which consists of both academic and theological education. Many have only obtained elementary education. The goal for them is to receive their high school diploma in theology, which they should achieve by the end of 2007. Another goal is to provide instruction to those in the churches that desire to increase their knowledge of the Bible.

Rev. Everts and Nico are presently teaching classes in the aldea churches in regards to election of office bearers to form consistories. These men will subsequently trained how to take up their office and fulfill their tasks and duties as elders and deacons. The missionaries oversee these churches now and visit them regularly. Many are accessible only by foot, up mountain trails.

Guatemala - Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco The Free Reformed Churches are currently engaged in a mission project in Cubulco, Guatemala, a small village some 40 miles north of Guatemala City. On October 1, 1995 a new church, Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco, was instituted. At the Iglesia Reformada de Cubulco three worship services are held every week. The Saturday evening service is in Spanish and Achi, with the message delivered in Spanish and translated into Achi. The Sunday morning worship service is conducted in the Achi language. This is preceded by Sunday school classes, which consist of about 60 attendees. Furthermore, an Achi class for adults is held which has about 40 in attendance. In addition to this, catechism classes for the teenagers are held as well. The Sunday afternoon services are held in Spanish. Many youth in the community attend church even though their parents do not. They were initially attracted through Vacation Bible School and then continued attending the services.

Nico & Lia Kattenberg

Nico and Lia were sent out by the Chilliwack congregation in January, 2000 as missionaries to Guatemala. They lived and worked in Cubulco until June, 2009 after which they returned to Chilliwack, BC. After spending a year in Canada they decided to return to work in Guatemala. They are currently living in Guatemala City so that their children can attend a local missionary school. Nico spends half of his time overseeing and administering the three FRMI projects in Cubulco. He makes monthly and sometimes bi-weekly trips to Cubulco where he spends time working with the churches and leaders, the education project, and the translation department. He spends the rest of his time working in Guatemala City with AMG International. AMG International runs the hospital in Cubulco and has over 7,500 sponsor children all over Guatemala. Nico is in charge of monitoring and evaluating the projects that AMG has. Nico graduated in 1998 from Columbia Bible College with a bachelor degree in Missions and Cross-cultural studies. Nico and Lia have four children: Nico, Ellen, Jesse, and Tristan.


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