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Vietnamese Christian Released Early From Prison

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A children's Sunday school teacher in Vietnam has been released from jail by communist authorities. The president of Open Doors USA says public pressure was the key to the prisoner's early release. Le Thi Hong Lien, age 20, was arrested months ago, along with five other leaders of the Mennonite Church in Vietnam. She was given a one-year prison sentence related to her Christian beliefs. However, Dr. Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors USA, says Le Thi was released last week, two months short of completing that sentence. He believes the early release was a response to public pressure. "The Mennonite Church in Vietnam feels it was the result of the international community becoming aware of these human rights violations that were going on there," Moeller explains. But Vietnamese officials have stated Le Thi was released early because of a special amnesty program. Regardless of the reason behind the release, Moeller says it is obvious Le Thi was severely mistreated while imprisoned. "It was very clear from Miss Lien's condition that she had been severely tortured while incarcerated, including--as we see--drug injections that were used to alter her mental condition. She was beaten, she was given electric shocks, in addition to being deprived of food and subjected to almost daily verbal abuse." Please pray for her full recovery. (From Agape Press)
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