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Canadian Government Enacts Sharia Law

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
A group of Muslim delegates has elected to establish a 30-member council to establish the Islamic Institute of Civil Justice, which would allow Muslims in Canada to have civil disputes arbitrated according to Sharia, Islamic legal code. According to the Arbitration Act in Canada, decisions now made by the Sharia court can be made legal and binding. However, there are parts of the Sharia that may not be consistent with Canadian law. In such cases a decision made by an arbitrator would be binding under Canadian law, provided that both parties agree with the decision and it does not conflict with Canadian law. Some concerns are being raised about how Sharia will be applied to women, whom some view as disadvantaged in the Islamic code. Some fear that women will be ÒpersuadedÓ to accept a decision of the Sharia court voluntarily, even if they dispute the findings. (From REC News Exchange)

This sort of thing does not bode well for Canada, not for the Christians, and not for the Muslim population. Will a Muslim dare contest the decision of Sharia arbitration through a secular court? Will the Muslim community respect a secular court if it would overturn a Sharia decision? And on the other hand, will the (secular) Canadian courts dare overturn a decision? There is potential here for great conflict.

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