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Written by Garry Postma
In connection with the transition taking place on the mission field, Rev. K. Herfst is scheduled to preach a farewell message to the Cubulco congregation on May 12, 2002. On the same day missionary Rev. Evert Everts will be installed as the new pastor of this mission church. Two delegates from the Mission Board hope to be present for this special occasion.

The Herfst family will begin their journey home on May 15 D.V. After spending some six weeks in Ontario for rest and adjustment, they hope to travel on to British Columbia towards the end of June. Under the supervision of the Abbotsford Free Reformed Church, Rev. Herfst will then be installed into his new work as Home Missionary during a special service in Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, on D.V. July 3, 2002. May the Lord richly bless his ministry as the Gospel of Christ is preached in this region of Western Canada.

Mission workers Nico and Lia Kattenberg, after having spent some time in British Columbia on furlough and for further education, were officially sent out by the Free Reformed Churches in Chilliwack, B.C., during a service on Tuesday, April 23, 2002. May the Lord bless them as they return to join Rev. Everts in the work of evangelism in the Cubulco region among the Achi people.

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