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Covert Ways Used to Send Aid, Gospel Into North Korea

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Christians are seeking covert ways to send aid into North Korea, a country where human-rights groups say religious freedom is nonexistent. One medical missionary says Christianity is the communist nation's biggest fear. Humanitarian relief experts report that more than 4 million people have died of hunger since 1995. Anyone caught criticizing President Kim Jong-Il is arrested and subjected to hard labour, torture, starvation, biochemical experimentation or mass execution. "Kim Jong-Il does not allow any god besides him," said German doctor Norbert Vollertsen, who traveled to North Korea and took video and still images of the starved and dying. "Christianity is their main enemy because they know about the power of Christianity." Christians on the outside haven't lost hope for North Korea. Tim Peters, an American missionary and founder of Helping Hands Korea, has lived in South Korea for 13 years. His ministry sends food into North Korea through proven smugglers who have managed to get food into the hands of the most needy. Besides its normal monthly shipments, the ministry delivered 19 tons of baby food to a northeastern province last year. Last summer, Vollertsen and supporting activists attempted to launch helium balloons carrying small, solar-powered radios from South Korea's northern border into North Korea. Vollertsen hoped the radios would give citizens access to the outside world. (From Charisma News Service)

North Korea is perhaps the greatest threat to the civilized world presently, but at the same time it harbours a fear for what is genuinely Christian.

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