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Update on Bill C-250 (Canada)

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Voice of the Martyrs continues to express its concern over proposed Bill C-250 presently before the Justice Committee, which will examine it, recommend amendments and return it to the House of Commons for a final vote sometime during 2003. This private members bill (previously Bill C-415), reintroduced by New Democrat MP, Svend Robinson on October 24, would add "sexual orientation" to the current list of identifiable groups (i.e. colour, race, religion and ethnic origin) in the "hate propaganda" sections of the Criminal Code of Canada. While The Voice of the Martyrs believes that the deliberate incitement of hatred towards any identifiable group is inexcusable, we join the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and others in expressing concern about this particular bill. It is conceivable that this bill, as proposed, could be used to silence dissenting opinions on homosexuality by organizations promoting agendas of the homosexual community. It is likewise conceivable that parts of religious literature such as the Bible could be classified as "hate literature" under this amendment. The Voice of the Martyrs urges Canadian Christians to write to their MPs and to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, The Honourable Martin Cauchon regarding this bill. Contact information can be found through a link to the House of Commons directory at ÒBefore doing so, however, we encourage all Canadian Christians to go to for more information, sample letters, and a refreshingly dispassionate and well-researched discussion of the issues involved before writing any letters. We applaud and thank the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada for the excellence of their work in identifying the real issues involved without resorting to rhetoric or fear mongering. We also urge that Canadian Christians uphold our government in prayer.Ó(From The Voice of the Martyrs)

Many of our churches are actively involved in this most necessary protest. Do not give up on it!

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