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Tax Payers Paying For Prison Porn, Says MP

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Tax dollars are being spent on purchasing hard-core pornography for federal inmates, Canadian Alliance MP Randy White alleges. White says that government documents obtained under an access-to-information request show that prisoners housed in federal penitentiaries across the country are allowed to order sexually explicit magazines--including Playboy, Penthouse, Swank and Hustler--while some prison libraries even stock pornography. Nearly a quarter of the subscriptions at one prison in Quebec are said to be for hard-core sex magazines. "How would you like to be a female guard working in that type of environment?" White asks. According to the Toronto Sun, Correctional Service's policy is to let inmates have access to any "adult" magazines that anyone else could buy in a store. "It is the role of government censors, not prisons, they say, to determine what is acceptable," the Sun, reported. But White notes that Correctional Service Canada Commissioner Directive 764 (6b) allows a warden to prohibit Òsexually oriented material which promotes or encourages any form of a criminal act, if he or she believes on reasonable grounds that this material would incite inmates to commit similar acts." A warden is also authorized to remove such materials. "Corrections officials always talk about all they are doing to rehabilitate offenders," White says. "I would like to know what part of a sex-offender's rehabilitation includes reading magazines" that feature explicitly sexual photos and acts of violence to women. (From TodayÕs Family News)

Obviously, genuine rehabilitation does not seem to be a top priority at our federal penitentiaries, and for that matter, neither does appropriate punishment for the crimes committed.

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