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Some of the Courses Our Students Have Taken or Are Scheduled to Take This Year

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Hebrew: a study of the original language of the Old Testament.

Introductory Homiletics with Dr. J. Beeke: a course on sermon preparation and delivery.

Modern Church History with Dr. J. Beeke: church history from 1600 Ð present.

Reformed Theological Research with Dr. J. Beeke: a course designed to familiarize students with the tools they need to engage in theological research at an advanced level including how to build and organize a pastorÕs library.

Reformed Experiential Preaching with Dr. J. Beeke: a survey of experiential preaching and preachers from the 18th century to the present.

Practice Preaching with Dr. J. Beeke and Dr. G.M. Bilkes: a course designed to improve studentsÕ ability to write and deliver sermons. Each student is required to preach a sermon that is subsequently critiqued by the faculty and students

Prolegomena with Dr. J. Beeke: an introduction to the study of doctrine including a study of the doctrine of the Word of God (inerrancy, inspiration, authority, etcÉ).

Hermeneutics with Dr. G.M. Bilkes: a study of the tools and method of interpreting Scripture.

Exegesis (Gospels) with Dr. G. M. Bilkes: a study of the Greek text of the Gospels with a view to understanding the relationship between grammar and interpretation.

Old Testament Introduction with Dr. G.M. Bilkes: a survey of the books of the Old Testament (author, date, structure, message, etcÉ).

Anthropology with Rev. C. Pronk: a study of the doctrine of man including creation, providence, the fall, the covenants, sin and its punishment.

International Missions with Rev. K. Herfst: a study of the methodology, challenges and opportunities regarding mission work outside the North American context.

Critical Thinking for the Ministry with Dr. J. Grier (professor emeritus of Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary): a study of ethics (understanding the difference between right and wrong).

MinisterÕs Marriage and Family with Rev. D. Lipsy (pastor of the Heritage Reformed Church, Pompton Plains, NJ): a practical course designed to help students adjust to life in the ministry

Westminster Standards with Dr. S. Ferguson: a study of the Westminster Catechisms and Confession of Faith.

Issues in Biblical Counseling with Dr. Scipioni (professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in California): a study of the principles and methodology of counseling from a Biblical perspective.

Evangelism and Domestic Missions with Rev. B. Elshout (pastor of the Heritage Reformed Church in Jordan, Ontario): a study of the principles, theology, motivation, goals, methods, practice, and problems of evangelism and domestic missions with an emphasis on congregational outreach in an urban context.

Homiletics with Rev. C.A. Schouls: additional coaching in sermon preparation and delivery

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