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Muslims Urged to Kill Christians (Pakistan)

Written by Rev. HA. Bergsma
An Islamic organization, JeshIhle-Alqiblat Al-Jihadi Alsari Al-Alami, has published a pamphlet in Urdu and Arabic calling on Muslims to kill Christians wherever and whenever they are found. The pamphlet, being distributed in various parts of Pakistan, says that this is the duty of every Muslim. According to a report received by The Voice of the Martyrs on January 10, Pakistani Christians are being specifically targeted in connection with the "war on terrorism" in Afghanistan and there is fear for escalated violence if Iraq is attacked. Christians in Pakistan and other Islamic countries need our concentrated prayers during this time of uncertainty in the world as militant Islamic groups attempt to make the "war on terrorism" into a "war on Islam." (From The Voice of the Martyrs)

Meanwhile we are told here in North America that the Muslim religion is a peaceful religion. War with Iraq might be justified in order to remove Saddam Hussein; but when such a war breaks out, you can be sure that the Christians living in Muslim regions will suffer the most.

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