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Abortion Doctor Top Biller

Written by Rev. HA. Bergsma
The top-billing general practitioner in Toronto in fiscal 1998-99 charged primarily for abortion related procedures--a secret the province fought almost three years to keep (reported by the Canadian Press, January 20, 2003). After a lengthy court battle, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act reveal the physician, who billed $552,695 in fiscal 1998-99, did 2,280 abortions in that time period. At the OHIP (Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan) reimbursement rate, the family physician who was not identified, would have billed a total of $242,882 to terminate pregnancies in that year. OntarioÕs quest to keep that information and the amounts individual physicians charge to the health care system secret means the public has no way of knowing where their tax dollars are going. (From the London Free Press)

We do know that some of our tax money is going towards paying for abortions.

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