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From the Editor

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
At the beginning of a new year, we often resolve to make changes in our personal lives because we all know there is much room for improvement. As we enter a new year, it is our prayer that with GodÕs help our lives may be more directed to God and that our sins and shortcomings may be covered by the blood of Him whose birth we celebrated last month.

The Publications Committee, which oversees The Messenger, also wishes to make some changes and improvements. In this first issue of 2003 several new departments are being added. The editorial committee has asked Pastors John Koopman and Jack Schoeman to write articles dealing with current trends and events under the theme Discerning the Spirits. Rev. J. Wim Wullschleger has agreed to prepare a column called Gleanings from our Churches.

A new series of articles will focus on issues dealing with Bible translations and related issues such as addressing God in worship. Look for these in this issue. Recent Synods have recognized the need for guidance on these issues that are being discussed in our churches and on which opposing views are held. Accordingly, Synod 2002 instructed the Publication Committee Òto publish a series of articles on the principles of Bible translation.Ó It is in pursuance of this synodical instruction that the following article, entitled The Use of Thee and Thou in the Bible and in Prayer, was submitted by Rev. Peter VanderMeyden. Although not dealing specifically with translation principles, the pronoun issue is closely related to that of Bible versions and cannot really be separated from it. May this article as well as others that will follow, D.V., by other contributors, assist our readers in developing biblically-based and balanced views on these rather sensitive issues that can so easily lead to misunderstanding and even suspicion among members of the same church family.

A change is that our Administrator, Jim Koopman has asked to be relieved of his duties. We thank Jim for all the work he has done for the Publications Committee since January 1999 especially in view of the many other services he is rendering to the denomination, such as being involved with Free Reformed website and the Finance Committee. Dennis De Vries has taken on the position of Administrator beginning with this issue.

Another, perhaps a bit of a painful change, is that the Publications Committee has seen it necessary to increase the cost of The Messenger, beginning January 2003. Synod 2002 approved this action so that the subscription price is more in line with actual production costs and the annual denominational quota for the Publications Committee is reduced. The new annual subscription price is now $25.00 annually. Considering the improvements reflected in this issue and compared to other denominational magazines, this cost is still relatively low and we trust the increase is not a hardship for anyone.

May all our activities have their beginning in the fear of the Lord. Then we will have a blessed year, personally, in our families, and in our churches.

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