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With Liberty Comes Decadence

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Abortion has been legalized in Afghanistan through the third month of pregnancy if it is alleged that a woman's health is threatened. A woman must obtain certificates from three doctors and permission from the Health Ministry, according to the South African Press Association. Ninety-seven countries with about 66 percent of the world's population have laws permitting, in essence, abortion on demand, according to Human Life International. Ninety-three countries with about 34 percent of the world's population prohibit abortion or allow such exceptions as to protect the mother's life or for reasons of rape and fetal deformity. About 55 million surgical abortions are performed each year worldwide, according to HLI. (From Baptist Press News Service, via Religion Today)

This is a tragedy the world fails to acknowledge. The western world may have ousted the Taliban from Afghanistan for harbouring terrorists (and rightly so), but it fails to hear the cry of the unborn. Imagine! 55 million deaths a year by abortion-terrorism, and there is hardly a whimper, much less an outcry!

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