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The Subtle Advance of Cloning

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
According to World magazine, the November 25 announcement issued by Advanced Cell Technologies (ACT) that several embryos had been cloned was "carefully scripted." The company made arrangements with U.S. News and World Report and Scientific American to give the story top coverage. But the actual research report was released through e-biome: The Journal of Regenerative Medicine, in which the cloning experiments were identified as "somatic cell nuclear transfer in humans." The experiment was not an unqualified success, reports World. None of the embryos survived beyond just a few cell divisions--all short of producing stem cells. ACT officials denied that they intended to produce a cloned human being. But, of course, "reproductive cloning is just an extension of therapeutic cloning." "Their public relations campaign shows their strategy to seduce citizens into complacency," said World. "Change the language, get ethicists for hire to provide moral cover, get out ahead of legislation, break down moral resistance, and warn that 'if the US doesn't do it, other nations will' and thus leap aheadÉ The moral significance is obvious to all who recognize the sanctity and dignity of human life," the magazine concluded.

Here we see the subtle advance of cloning. If it cannot be done with government approval now, a public relations campaign will work to force the hand of the government.

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