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Christian Outreach to Iraq

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
According to reports by ASSIST News Service and ChristiansUnite, Manara Ministries, based in Jordan, recently travelled to Iraq for another phase of its two-year feeding program. Working through 72 churches, they reached about 2,000 Christian families in Baghdad, Musul, Kerkuk and Basra. "As usual, our staff returned saddened at the conditions of our Iraqi brothers and sisters," said one spokesman. "The need is so great and we cannot seem to do enough. On the same trip, our staff brought in 4,000 copies of the Arabic/English Bible, which is likely to be used as a textbook in one of the universities." The spokesman said that a Manara team is about to return to Iraq for the Baghdad International Book Fair. "We have shipped 288 titles of educational and children's books, and over 250 titles of Arabic Christian Books... Both Christian and Educational books will be sold at minimal prices. Also, during and after the book fair, we are also hoping to be able to provide churches with books for their libraries." (From Crosswalk)

Even in Iraq the Lord has His people! Pray for them!

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