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Mission Facts & Figures

Written by Peter Luth
Fact Expenses for the Mission for 2000 are below the budget.
Figure The budget was $330,800 and the expenses were $271,175.

Fact Income for the Mission is almost at budget.
Figure Receipts are $324,188 at last count.

Fact The Mission anticipates setting up a radio station.
Figure Pending synod approval an appeal will go out for $50,000 for this special project.

Fact Seven years ago money was already donated toward a radio station.
Figure $15,000 is sitting in reserve for this and is to be used to obtain a radio license.

Fact The Bookstore in Cubulco is generating more interest and more sales.
Figure Sales of Bibles and other books totaled $5,293

Fact The Mission has become the recipient of endowments. While our sympathy lies with the families that are bereaved we are grateful to find that the Work of mission has such a place in the hearts of some that even after death provision is made that this work of the Lord can continue.
Figure $5,000 was received last year as a bequest.

Fact Once again the Mission receives support from other Churches that are not Free Reformed.
Figure Together they donated $14,795.

Fact The new Missionary, Rev Everts and his wife are getting their necessary training. This will have an impact on the budget.
Figure The budget will be close to $375,000.

Fact The Obreros continue their training at the Bible Institute this year.
Figure The budget includes $7000 for this training.

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