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Jewish Defense League Finds B.C. Easter Comic Offensive

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Jewish Defense League (JDL) has issued a call to Jews to protest a B.C. comic strip set to run on Easter Sunday, April 15, in most major newspapers across America. "We find nothing funny about Johnny Hart's text and artwork. In fact, we find it highly crude, insulting and an example of outright Jew-hatred," says the Armchair Activist of the JDL. The strip shows a Jewish menorah along with the Seven Last Words of Jesus. In each frame, one candle is extinguished as the words are displayed. By the last frame, "It is finished," the menorah is transformed into a cross (the symbol of Christianity). JDL chairman Irv Rubin is asking every JDL member and supporter to contact his or her local newspaper that publishes B.C. and appeal to the editor not to allow the strip to be printed. According to Rubin, "B.C. is pushing 'replacement theology' (the theory that Christianity has replaced Judaism as "The Chosen" because the Jews do not accept Jesus as Messiah) down the throats of the readers--many of them children--of the Sunday comics." (From Crosswalks)

I thought the presentation was rather touching! But at the same time, why has no one ever complained about many of the comics that present the day of judgment, or God, or "St Peter" as judge? I find those sort of presentations far more offensive.

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