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National Institute on Media Releases 'Report Card'

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The National Institute on Media and the Family released its fifth annual Video and Computer Game Report Card last week. Dr. David Walsh, president of the Institute, said: "The video and computer game industry has responded to many of the Institute's past recommendations, and has taken some steps to help with marketing and ratings education. Many retailers, however, have failed to put up any effective barriers against young people buying inappropriate games. The Institute found that FuncoLand and Target are the only two retail chains that consistently enforce policies prohibiting the sale of adult-rated games to minors. He added, "If we want our kids to have a healthy intake of this kind of medium, we need to make sure that the industry, retailers and parents are all doing their jobs. This means to stop marketing games with age-sensitive content to kids and educate the public about which games are and are not safe for young people. (From Crosswalk; the 'Report Card' is available on the National Institute's Web site:

I am not sure if we could even speak of "a healthy intake of this kind of medium," but if there is, it is meagre at best, and destructive at its worst.

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