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Justification By Faith Alone or By Faith and Works? An Examination of the Views of Dr. Norman Shepherd (Part 3)

Written by Rev. C. Pronk
Last month we saw that according to Dr. Norman Shepherd the Church in the past has held to a view of justification that is inadequate. For centuries, he says, this doctrine has been viewed from the perspective of the Roman legal system rather than from the biblical perspective of the covenant. Justification needs to be understood in terms of the dynamic of the covenant model rather than that of the courtroom. Just what does Shepherd mean by this covenant model, which supposedly is so helpful in understanding justificatio?.

The Covenant: Conditional and Unconditional?
Shepherd insists that the covenant of grace, whether in its Abrahamic stage or in its Mosaic form, is an unconditional covenant as far as its institution is concerned. In both cases it is God who enters into covenant relations with His people, but only those who faithfully keep their covenant obligations will inherit the blessings of the covenant.
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