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Theologians to Decide on Status of Open Theists

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
As the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) convened on November 18 in Atlanta for its 55th Annual Meeting, the issue of Open Theism seemed to overshadow regular convention business. Two ETS members, Clark Pinnock (emeritus theological instructor at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario) and John Sanders, have been subject to a yearlong inquiry as to whether their writings fall within the society's commitment to biblical inerrancy. Both Pinnock and Sanders have been proponents of Open Theism--believing that God limits Himself in his relationship with humans, and is limited in His knowledge of future events. ETS emphasized that it was not debating the merits of Open Theism. Yet in their statement, they confessed that SandersÕ position is "certainly idiosyncratic, esoteric, perhaps even strange." Onlookers on both sides of the openness debate will be watching to see how American evangelicalism's leading scholastic body wrestles with a theological issue that is testing the boundaries of what it means to be an Evangelical. (From Crosswalk and Salem Communications)

Remember the names of Pinnock and Sanders; they should raise red flags for you if you see their names as authors of books or articles.

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