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Reformed Evangelism at the Plowing Match

Written by Andy Warren
We are thankful to God that He allowed us to work at the International Plowing Match, near Ottawa, Ontario, once again. This year marked our 18th year of evangelism to the people of Ontario who attended, as well as visitors from all over the world who came to this international event. Since we first began, a few changes have occurred which we have been able to work around. This year, the plowing match ran from Wednesday, September 17 to the following Sunday. We were able to close up on Saturday night, however, leaving the tent up and taking it down on Monday.

We found that there was not as much resistance to accepting the literature that we were handing out as in the past. Many New Testaments, both in French and in English, were passed out to the children who came into the tent. One of our workers was a French Canadian and could converse freely with the French-speaking visitors, which was a great benefit.

We had many opportunities to speak and witness to young and old. One young man came into the tent and said, "I have $5 00 and I would like to buy a book." He didn't know what kind of book he wanted so we had a wonderful opportunity to tell this young Roman Catholic about the precious Gospel.

Two Reformed pastors and one Reformed elder visited us from local churches that were trying to teach their congregations the doctrines of grace. One of these pastors was very discouraged. We were able to connect these servants of God with each other so that they would be able to encourage each other in the Lord. All three were from the same Ottawa region.

A group of church people who live in Meaford (where D.V. next yearÕs plowing match will be held) came into our tent. They asked us many questions and wanted to have a booth next year. We had a wonderful chance to give them some ideas so they will have Bibles and good literature at their booth too.

Maybe some of you remember that last year we wrote about a young man who worked at a booth at the plowing match and who bought many of our books. He was very interested in the Gospel and seemed very excited with the literature we had; he had never heard of the Reformed faith. We saw him on Saturday just before closing. He had not been working that week because he now attends Bible College and didn't stay for Sunday because he helps with Sunday school at his church in Ajax, Ontario. Being a student, his finances were limited this year, but we were very happy that he had a lot of good Reformed books in his possession, which he is using all the time.

Some friends and supporters of our outreach made 1,000 very attractive laminated bookmarks with a Scripture text on the front and the first Question and Answer of LordÕs Day of the Heidelberg Catechism on the back. They were a great hit.

Our tent had a new look this year: quite professional. Be sure to come in next year and have a good look. We ask our supporters, who represent various Reformed denominations, to keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that our God will continue to bless this outreach above all for His honour and glory, and for the salvation of sinners and strengthening of His peopleÕs faith. We thank you for your continued financial support to make this outreach possible.

Request: We are looking for photos of the booth at the plowing match from past years to post on our new Website: If you can help, please contact Andy Warren at (519) 472-3812.

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