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Reformed Evangelism and the Plowing Match

Written by Andy Warren
The Plowing Match for 1998 was held September 15-19, northwest of Kingston, near Sunbury, Ontario. On the first day, Monday, we were glad of the help we received to erect the tent and display the many books. We were done before dark, which was a real blessing. Most of our helpers had to drive over 6 hours to get to the site of the Plowing Match.

The neighbours on both sides of our tent sold shirts, so it was relatively quietÑno loud music. We had a good assortment of books, and we sold about $3,000 worth at wholesale prices. We were able to speak to many people of all walks of life and we felt it was a real privilege to be able to share GodÕs goodness and His redemptive work through our Lord Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of the week the weather wasnÕt too great, but it cleared up towards the middle of the week, making it much easier on the helpers. We recognized many faces from years before, even though the event was held a long distance from past years. People now look for our tent, expecting us to be there. It takes a while to build trust and for people to realize that we are not selling cultic, liberal or charismatic material. They also appreciate that we are not representing a particular church or denomination; instead, that we are spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. People feel more at ease when they realize we do not push issues and speak of differences, but witness of the grace of God for poor and needy sinners and the calling of living a life of love and thankfulness toward God.

We were very encouraged to see that God is still working, not only in our circles, but all over Ontario, in our country and in our world which is declining in its obedience to the Word of God. How important that we know the Word and our lives be built on the sure foundations which were laid by GodÕs apostles and prophets, so that we can witness and counsel from the Word of God and always be ready to give the reason of the hope that is in us.

We are already looking for helpers for the Plowing Match for 1999, the Lord willing to be held north of London, Ontario, at Dashwood, from September 21-25. As the event will again be held in southwestern Ontario, in a populous farming community, we expect to be extra busy this year. We ask you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the Lord to bless this work.

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