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Mission Update

Written by The Everts
The following is taken from a September 2001 Newsletter. By the time you will read this, the commissioning service for the Everts will D.V. have taken place on Friday, November 9 at 7.30 p.m. in the Vineland FRC. This will get you acquainted with our new missionaries who will eventually replace Rev. Ken and Jackie Herfst and family in Cubulco, Guatemala.
Dear Friends,
Now that the moment of our departure form the Netherlands is near and we eventually hope to begin our work in Guatemala, we want to keep you updated about our past activities and tell you about our future expectations. Although we are going to a far away country, we highly value a continuing bond with you in thoughts and prayers.

Past Activities
We have lived in the town Hollandscheveld more than six months now. It is the temporary address that made a separation from our work in the congregations of LutjegasT and Ulrum and where we have focused on our future task. It has been an interesting time because we experienced many things of importance for the future. At first, learning a new language was a big assignment, but it also had its fascination. In addition, there was the instruction at the IRTT in Zwolle where we took many courses.

Our Family
How did the children fare during this time? Naturally, for to move to Hollandscheveld was a big change for them. But they took the changes in stride. They were accepted very well at the new school and soon were integrated. After school they often played with classmates, some of them even related to them. Which explains why they are not all that eager to have to say goodbye again.

Our oldest, Evert, is in Group 7 at school. He had to get used to doing homework, but still has time to keep up his trumpet lessons. Gesine is in Group 6 and it doesn't bother her at all to be the youngest in her class. She amuses herself for hours by playing her recorder. Gerieke is in Group 4. While she never used to be much of a talker, she is making up for this now. She is also beginning to enjoy reading. Erwin has joined Group 3. He doesn't talk much, but what he says is meaningful. Jarnold is still home, that is, if he is not at the home of one of his grandmas or aunts because dad and mom are at studying. He learns from the examples he is exposed to.

In general, the children are not unwilling to go to Guatemala, but as the moment of departure comes closer, they ask many questions. Saying goodbye is not a pleasant event. Although a new future can be challenging, it can also be a little fearful. Whatever the case, for the children as well as for us, we are encouraged that we can go together. The most important thing is that we may know the Lord goes with us.

Official Commissioning
We have been officially accepted by the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken [sister churches of the Free Reformed Churches} to be on loan for mission work in Guatemala. Our home congregations, Lutjegast and Ulrum, want to be our sending churches. The official service for commissioning will take place D. V. October 12 at 7.00 p.m. in a worship service in Ulrum with Rev. H. Last officiating.

To Canada and Costa Rica
October 31, D.V., we hope to fly from Schiphol to Toronto. November 9, D.V., a commissioning service will be held in the Free Reformed Church of Vineland. We look forward to strengthen the bond with the churches for whom we will be working. We also hope to meet Canadian relatives. On November 15 we will travel from Canada to Costa Rica to follow language studies at the Instituto de Lengua Espanola until the end of February. A school and childcare for the children is in place. It will be a challenge for them because the lessons will be in English.

Mission Work
While we were being trained we tried to obtain a realistic picture of our duties in Guatemala. It has become clear that we do not have to tell the people there the importance of "believing." In Guatemala people believe much more than people in the Netherlands. The name of Christ is known and familiar in Guatemala. But it is mixed with a great deal of non-Biblical nature faith [animism], to which the Roman priests have added their beliefs. Very important, therefore, will be the question, what does the Lord teach us in His Word as to our only real comfort in life and in death? And what is the goal He wants to achieve for us in life? These are fundamental questions that remain important for ourselves as well. It is a great blessing to live out of the grace of God in Christ. At the same time it is also a duty to be sincerely active in sharing this with others, near and far, and with anyone placed on our path.

In Conclusion
We have very much appreciated the discussions and support of many. In the future we will not see each other, but if it is right, we will keep each other in our hearts. Our present email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), will remain in service until the year-end.

We wish you all the best, but above all, God's richest blessings.

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