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Terrorist Attacks Prompt Spiritual Renewal - in Some Places

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
One month after the terrorist attacks in New York and the Pentagon, Congressional staff are still searching for answers to spiritual questions. "Capitol Hill is a different place," says Dr. Frank Wright, executive director of the Center for Christian Statesmanship. "Much has been said about the new level of bi-partisanship on the Hill, but the spiritual transformation is, in my opinion, an even more inspiring story." Wright says the spiritual renewal on Capitol Hill began almost immediately following the terrorist attacks. "The terrorist attacks were sobering for our leaders," he says. "For some time on September 11, a cloud of uncertainty hung in the air. Thousands were already dead, several planes were unaccounted for, and Capitol Hill was a likely target." That first week after the attacks, Dr. Wright's staff spearheaded three prayer meetings on Capitol Hill for staffers and members of Congress. "Many staffers have told us how much the prayer time on the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance blessed them," says Dr. Wright. "They have asked us to coordinate more frequent prayer times." Responding to a need for prayer and counseling in her office (and under the encouragement of one of the Center's Bible study leaders), one Christian staff member on the Hill who regularly takes part in the Center's Bible studies and special events, began a discussion group that has since grown into a weekly Bible study.

But in Canada it is a different story, according to an article in The Interim under the title of "God Banished From Ottawa Services.Ò "During the September14th National Day of Mourning, Prime Minister Jean Chretien said ÔWords fail us.Õ Especially one word Ð God. It was a word that was not uttered during the official ceremonies on Parliament Hill.Ó ÒIt is all part of the unofficial policy to suppress God in the public square,Ó according to Rev. Ken Campbell of Tumbler Ridge, BC, who called ChretienÕs position Òsecular fundamentalismÓ that shows an intolerance toward 90 per cent of Canadians that polls consistently show believe in God. Reed Elley, Canadian Alliance MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan, said that the failure to mention God at the service Òis example of reverse discrimination É To show our tolerance to everyone else, must we show intolerance toward people of faith?Ó Even the mainstream press noted the absence of God from the services. The National Post editorialized that it made little sense for the prime minister to allude to faith and prayer while expunging God from official ceremonies, É there is no merit in slighting those who worship God in order to avoid the grumbling of a small minority.Ó (Gleaned from several articles, including The Interim)

We pray there may be a real spiritual revival in the United States and that the Holy Spirit would be pleased to work such a revival in Canada too.

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