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Our Students

Written by Rev. Jack Schoeman
At present our denomination has two students: Jason Keuning (JK) (entering into his second year) and Joel Overduin (JO) (entering into his third year). I have asked both brothers to answer a few questions about their studies - JS.

Q. Both of you have preached in the churches this past summer. How did it go? Share some of your experiences.

JK: The experience of preaching in the churches this past summer was a tremendous learning experience. It was good to get to know many of the people in our various churches. It was a great privilege to be a mouthpiece for the Lord in the presentation of His Word.

JO: Once again it has been a privilege to visit the churches this past summer to preach the Word. I am especially appreciative of the support and encouragement I have received from the various congregations. These summer ÒtoursÓ have the benefit of highlighting to me that the kingdom of God extends beyond the borders of where I live. GodÕs work is evident all across this continent.

Q. What courses are you taking this semester?

JO: OT Biblical Theology with Dr. G.M. Bilkes, OT Exegesis (Poetic books) with Dr. G.M. Bilkes and NT Exegesis (Acts and Revelation), also with Dr. G.M. Bilkes.

In addition to these courses, several ministers from our own denomination and beyond are visiting us this semester for courses in the following: Associates of the Apostle Paul with Rev. P. Den Butter, Symbolics (the study of creeds and confessions with Rev. G. Procee), Secession Theology with Rev. C. Pronk, Studies in the Gospel of John with Rev. M. Roberts and Christian Philosophical Ethics with Dr. J. Grier.

JK: I am taking the same courses with the following additions: Greek taught by Dr. G. T. Meadors at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and Missiology III: Revival with Dr. M. Haykin.

In addition, both Joel and I are involved in the practice preaching course. Once a week a student preaches a sermon and it gets critiqued by Dr. G. M. Bilkes, Dr. Beeke, and Rev. Ray Lanning (a local Reformed minister), as well as the students.

Q. Jason, you have a particular interest in evangelism. Tell us a bit about that. Where do you believe the Lord is leading you in this regard?

JK: At this time, I believe the Lord is directing me to home missions. In what capacity exactly, I am not sure right now. It may be any one of, or a combination of several possibilities. Some examples are: 1) serving in the office of evangelist for an established local church; 2) serving as pastor-evangelist in a smaller existing congregation or preaching station; 3) moving to a new area, where the truth is basically unknown, with the goal of beginning a church plant; 4) targeting an ethnic/religious group specifically in a city or rural area with GodÕs truth. Lidia and I trust the Lord will make things clear in His time, through the providential means of His church.

Q. How can we pray for you? What are your specific needs and burdens?

JK: Please pray that I may persevere in the studies, doing them as unto the Lord, and that I would continue to feel burdened for the salvation of the lost. Pray also for Lidia and our 2-year-old daughter Margaret Hannah.

JO: One of my greatest needs is that PaulÕs exhortation to Timothy might be fulfilled in me, that I indeed might Òstudy to show [myself] approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truthÓ (2 Tim. 2:15). Along with that, I need the Holy Spirit for my Teacher. Please pray for that for me.

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