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More Anti-Christian Violence Feared in Iraq

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
Christian aid workers fear new violence after a car bomb, on Sunday, September 7, killed about 100 people in a mosque in the city of Najaf. Southern Baptist projects have been delayed for at least two weeks after signs that remnants of Saddam Hussein's faction are planning to target humanitarian workers in the country. "Our workers in Iraq contacted us saying that they felt we needed to delay for at least two weeks sending any volunteers into the country," Mark Kelly of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board told Mission Network News. Aid workers and church officials have also expressed concern about Muslim-violence directed against Christians and missionary workers, who are often identified with the United States-led coalition. Southern Baptist workers and other Christians asked for prayer that the delay in beginning ministry projects would be minimal. "People need to pray because the majority of Iraqis are still positive toward us and open to our ministry," they said. "But if humanitarian workers are going to be singled out as targets, we must not put our people at greater risk than they would be already." Meanwhile, three gunmen sprayed bullets at worshippers in a Baghdad mosque at the end of dawn prayers the following morning, wounding three people. (From Charisma News Service)

There seems to be no end to the violence in Iraq, and although it does not come out in the secular press, Christians are suffering tremendously. Please do pray for them.

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