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Reformed Outreach at the Plowing Match

Written by Andy Warren
The 2001 International Plowing Match was held September 18 through 22 at the comer of Frank Kenny and Colonial Roads in Navan, approximately 12 miles east of Ottawa. Many tracts were given out as people passed by or through the tent. We also put tracts inside the New Testaments we were giving to children. Some of the titles of the tracts were ÒHow long Have I to Live?Ó Ò5 Solemn Facts,Ó ÒSerious Things,Ó ÒTomorrow,Ó ÒWhosoever Believeth,Ó ÒLife through His Name,Ó ÒAble to Save,Ó ÒThc Lord is Nigh,Ó ÒThe Good ShepherdÓ and ÒThe Law of the Lord.Ó This year one of the helpers in our tent, who served at the plowing match for the whole week, gave a Bible message two times daily for about 20 minutes on a verse of Scripture. As people walked past the tent they could hear the Word of God. We were able to talk to many people as they came in and passed through the tent. Many questions were asked and answered by the helpers.

One example of the help and advice given went as follows. Because the plowing match was after the September 11th terrorist attack, many people were more receptive and searching; some people were afraid. One girl who came into the tent from a nearby coffee shop was given a Bible. As she started to read it, she was showing signs of being disturbed and afraid. One of the helpers in the tent was able to speak to her and help answer some of her questions.

The churches in the Ottawa area were contacted to let them know that we were going to be at the plowing match. They were asked to let their congregation know that if they brought a church bulletin to the tent we would give them a booklet. The response was good. The booklets we handed out were Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard, Alive or Dead by J.C. Ryle and Bible Doctrines Simply Explained by B.A. Ramsbottom.

We had purchased some books of Farm Sermons by C.H. Spurgeon to sell and give out at appropriate times. We found that this book was well received and very good to recommend to the farmers. Much more French material was requested than we had anticipated and were prepared for. It was a good lesson to be better prepared next time we are in that area.

Over all, our sales were good, only slightly down from last year. The children's books did not sell as well as we had expected, but the booklets on doctrine and the Christian life sold very well. People seemed to be looking for answers to questions.

We want to thank everyone who participated. We thank those who set up and took down the tent, especially the people from some of the churches of Reformed persuasion from the Ottawa area who helped with this and who also worked in the tent from Tuesday to Saturday. We thank those who billeted the workers and are thankful for their prayers, encouragement and fellowship. There were also people who worked behind the scenes in the months and weeks before the plowing match. We are thankful for the financial donations that made this work possible.

The 2002 International Plowing Match will be held on September 17 to 22, D.V., at Glencoe, Ontario, south-west of London, Ontario. Sadly, this will be the first year the plowing match will be run though a Sunday. Our tent will not be open on the Lord's Day. We have made this known to the people who run the plowing match. They have given their approval. As long as we leave the tent on the lot we can dismantle it on the Monday.

We hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and above all that the Lord may continue to bless this work to His honour and glory.

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