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Abstinence Program A Success

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
: "Sex Can Wait," an abstinence-based sex education program developed at the University of Arkansas, appears to be unexpectedly successful at encouraging older teenagers to delay having sex. A study in the current issue of the American Journal of Health Behavior has found that high school students who took part in the program were more likely to still be virgins, and more likely to indicate an intention to remain abstinent than students who did not participate in the program. "These findings are encouraging and a bit surprising," research team leader Dr. George Denny, an associate professor at the university's College of Education and Health Professions, told United Press International. "Because of the relatively short time span [two months or less] between the pre-test and the post-test, we did not expect to see behavioral changes." The developers of "Sex Can Wait" credit its success to the respect it shows for teenagers by not simply telling them what to do. For example, it does not include lessons on contraception. "Adolescents are at the stage of development where they're trying to show their autonomy. They're trying to come up with their own identity," said Tamera Young, who helped develop the criteria along with her husband, health science professor Michael Young. "A lot of the programs out there are really fear-based and directive. Our approach is to have the children think of the reasons themselves."(From Focus on the Family)

The Bible shows the best approach: consider your body to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6:19)

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