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Missing Convert in Prison (Egypt)

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A letter smuggled out of Cairo's Mazraa Tora Prison recently confirmed that an Egyptian convert to Christianity who disappeared five months ago has been imprisoned on alleged criminal charges. In an October 15 news release, Compass Direct reported on a hand-written letter they obtained from Hisham Samir Abdel Latif Ibrahim, 26. In the letter, Ibrahim wrote to a Coptic Christian cleric, confirming that Egyptian security police had arrested him in early May. He is accused of reviling Islam and of falsifying his identity papers by obtaining Christian ID papers based on a newly issued birth certificate. Egyptian Muslims are forbidden by law to change their religious identity, even though incentives are given for Christians to convert to Islam. Following his arrest, he writes that Ibrahim was questioned for 52 days by the state security investigation (SSI) in Cairo and has appeared three times before a state prosecutor. The legal charges against him were filed under Case No. 1092, opened in 2001. Ibrahim was born in Alexandria to a Muslim family but became a Christian in 1996 through a Christian radio program "Yanabi El Sahara" (Fountains in the Desert). In his letter, Ibrahim refers to two other former Muslims who are in prison for converting to Christianity. A fellow prisoner, Mazraa Tora Mohammed Hegazy from Port Said, is accused of insulting an officer of Egyptian security police and was scheduled to appear September 18 before a state prosecutor to answer the charges. Ibrahim's prosecutor also reportedly told him of a woman from Port Said named Sara, who had been arrested. "I don't know if she is still detained or not," Ibrahim wrote. Pray for Ibrahim, Hegazy, Sara, and others who have been arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and constantly harassed for their faith in Jesus Christ. (From Voice of the Martyrs)

Pray for the Spirit of God to surround them, giving them the strength to stand.

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