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Sophia Instead of Christ in the Presbyterian Church (USA)?

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Jane Adams Spahr, widely regarded as the ÒOne Voice of SophiaÓ in the Presbyterian Church (USA), told a breakfast audience on June 18 about the many times she has encountered Sophia and heard her many voices. "Meeting Sophia is like hearing the 'swish' sound of the basketball through the net," she said. "No 'still small voice.' The sound is big, yet soft like the 'swish.Ó Spahr said that, when she "first met Sophia," she "felt known, like knowing God in a deeper way; and in that knowing, I felt free, alive, ready to be me in a whole new way." Spahr stated, "I am stunned by a Presbyterian church so wrapped up now in the lordship of Jesus Christ that we forget in how many ways, traditions and cultures God comes to us," she told her audience of more than 600. "But Sophia shows up, crying out to a church that is rule-led rather than Spirit-fed. It is Sophia's voice we hear crying, 'I am the wisdom of God who created you. You cannot confine me. I am the breath of the power of God.'" (From Presbyterians Week)

Thankfully, ÔSophiaÕ does not yet have the last word in the PCUSA. A six-page paper on the lordship of Christ and the salvific work of a sovereign God was unanimously approved by the Assembly Committee on Confessions and Christology (ACCC) on June 17. The committee scuttled attempts to have it adopt more succinct christological statements for study in the church and to issue an "authoritative interpretation" of the denomination's first ordination vow.

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