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Fourteen Tribal Pastors Sent to Undisclosed Prison in Vietnam

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A confidential contact told Christian Aid on June 17 that 14 Vietnamese pastors were arrested in that country's Central Highlands in the last two weeks. The exact location of these pastors is not certain. This brings to 26 the known number of Christian pastors labouring in Vietnam's rural prison system, including 12 who remain in the notorious brick kilns in the North. Even though the Communist government has been attempting to convince the world it is taking steps to improve its stance on human rights, in actual practice authorities there have been pressing a brutal persecution campaign against Christians in the Central Highlands and other tribal areas. The recent arrests were in retaliation for the Vietnamese Christians who recently obtained refugee status after fleeing to Cambodia and were given clearance to immigrate to the United States, the contact said. "The greatest obstacles faced by the Vietnamese people who desire to come to the Christian faith include ancestor worship and the brutality of the local authorities," said Steve Snyder, president of Washington, DC-based International Christian Concern who visited Vietnam on a fact-finding mission in March. "People who become Christians are discriminated against and may be watched, fined, they lose their job, their children are not allowed in school, their movements are restricted, and they are omitted from any government assistance during floods that commonly plague the country." Snyder's complete report can be found at (From Christian Aid)

Not only are Islamic governments intolerant of Christians, but communist governments have no sympathy for the Christian religion either.

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