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Annual Banner of Truth Report Radio Ministry of the Free Reformed Church

Written by Rev. Hans Overduin
Content of Messages
I am writing this report just after having sent out my 45th radio message based on Jeremiah 23:24, ÒCan any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord.Ó The title of the message based on this text is: ÒYou canÕt hide from God.Ó In being involved in the radio ministry it is motivating to consider how God may even call those running away from Him through this means, a message over the airwaves. This we know, God will honour His Word and not let it return to Him void; it will accomplish His purposes, especially also His saving purposes according to His sovereign and almighty good pleasure.

Having mentioned that I just sent out my 45th broadcast highlights that I am still a ÒrookieÓ since taking over from Rev. Pronk as radio minister. In this first year I am mainly drawing from my sermons preached on Sundays, condensing them to fifteen minute messages. So far that seems to be working quite well. The aim with each broadcast is to explain and apply a certain text or passage of Scripture, always and again pointing to Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life, and that no man comes to the Father but by Him, in the way of faith and repentance in Him. This Biblical gospel message, as also summarized in the Reformed creeds, continues to be the only hope of salvation for sinners and saints all across this world.

It is encouraging to hear from those who listen to the broadcast and even come to one of our churches by this means and initial contact. Correspondence received from listeners demonstrates a hearing of the Word which we pray may also result in eternal fruit.

We want to and need to, make the best of this grand opportunity which God allows us to have to bring the good news of the gospel. Any suggestions or upbuilding critique that might serve to improve this broadcast is always appreciated. May the prayerful and financial support for this ministry increase in the years ahead, seeing that we live in perilous times, and are drawing nearer to the end of the world and the day of the last judgment, when also the gospel message will prove so absolutely and finally and eternally true. ÒHe that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on himÓ (John 3:36).

In this past year one of two radio stations in Grand Rapids has been dropped but we have added a station covering most of Alberta south of Edmonton, and we are looking into adding another station in southern Ontario and also perhaps in the USA. The messages now still get sent to the radio stations on cassette tape but in the next couple of years we may be sending all the messages simply via the computer. Only because some of the stations donÕt yet have the necessary equipment for this change are we delaying in making the change ourselves.

Messages on the Web
Presently, all our messages are available to you on the computer when connecting to the website We thank the brothers Jim and Mark Koopman for taking care of this website. We are also adding many of Rev. PronkÕs radio messages of the past on this website. My wife, Nelly, continues to handle all the correspondence and administration responsibilities connected with this ministry.

We covet your continued prayers and support for the Banner of Truth radio ministry.

Here are samples of some of the response from listeners:

Africa and India
Akomatan-Ashanti, Ghana: Greetings to you and your wife in the precious name of the Lord and soon coming King. Thank you very much indeed for the helpful booklets you mailed to me. I have been a listener to this ministry for eight years. Rev. Pronk was my first radio pastor

Accra, Ghana: I am glad to write you this letter. I thank the Rock of my salvation for your radio messages. I have learned that it is God leads man to the Rock which is higher and the grass how it grows, it shows that yes, he is the Alpha and Omega. I may then praise God that He gives me spiritual food.

Kalmer, South Africa: It is a privilege to be on your mailing list. Thanks very much for proclaiming the Gospel through this quality production and your radio ministry.

Apapa, Nigeria: Greetings in our precious SaviorÕs name. I am a regular listener to your radio program, Banner of Truth. I pray that the Lord will give the blessing to carry His works as long as He needs your service. Could you include my name on your mailing list so that I will be getting your publications.

Yangon, Myanmar: Can you please send me your radio printed materials for us? We are hoping to receive the spiritual food from you. The tract league materials saved many lost souls in Myanamar.

Oyo State, Nigeria: Your programme on radio is interesting. It would be worth it especially for reference and constant reproduction for evangelism and church growth if you can send any printed material to me.

Abuja, Nigeria: We are so glad for your combatant air evangelistic warfares in ÒWWCRÓ which have been unspeakable blessings and encouragement to the people of Africa, especially Nigeria.

Samisragudem, S. India: Greetings in JesusÕ precious name from India. We have received your packet of four good tracts and thank you very much.

Meerkerk, The Netherlands: We are reaching out to sailors and seamen who come here on ships from many different countries that dock in our area. For several years now we have been using the Banner of Truth Radio messages, both in reading meditations to them and handing out the messages to them. We appreciate these compact and simple messages very much and express our thanks for this ministry also on behalf of the sailors and seamen who receive them. These messages are a tool for evangelism which we pray and trust the Lord to apply further in the hearts and lives of sinners. [This is a paraphrase summary of a letter received written in the Dutch language.]

North America
Langley, B.C.: Just received the messages in the mail. As you take up this new and difficult task, we wish you much strength and the LordÕs richest blessings. It is our prayer that the messages may be used to the conversion of many.

Chilliwack, B.C.: I loved the sermons last Sunday about Jesus, our Friend and the one about see Someone greater than Solomon is here. IÕd like you to know I pray for this (radio) ministry specially.

Coquitlam, B.C.: Thank you for sending the written broadcasts--is it possible that I receive every weekÕs broadcast. I like to read it again later on. To be honest, after listening to Rev. Pronk for so long, we were not looking forward to the change, but the Lord blessed you and Rev. Pronk with different talents to preach the gospel. I hope you donÕt mind that I write you this. May our Lord and Savior bless you both and your family.

Missisauga, Ontario: Listening to your program this past Sunday (June 10,2001) on WDCX, we enjoyed your program. Kindly forward a copy of that sermon to the above address.

Toronto, Ontario: Once in a while I have an opportunity when I can hear your program. I would appreciate very much if you could send me the first message. It was an excellent message and I would love to go over it again.

Milton, Ontario: Thanks to you and to Pastor Cornelis Pronk for your radio ministry. I do so love the publication the Banner of Truth periodically sends me. Please keep me on your mailing list. I do not always hear the broadcasts É even fewer now that 1250 AM carries you. The former 1320 AM channel gave better reception. Your words are light to the eyes of my soul.

Greensville, Ontario: Heard your show for the first time and thought it was great. Please send me more info on your program. I would really like to learn more about the Banner of Truth.

Lacey, Washington: For a long time you have included my in your publication mailing list--then we moved to Lacey. Our living area is reduced to the extent I am allowed the messages IÕve collected from you and some current devotions. So IÕve had to discontinue having more mail. May our Lord keep you strong and able to contribute to our Christian family.

Lowell, Michigan: I would like to request a copy of your July 8 and August 5 messages.

Blasdell, NY: Please find enclosed $20.00 for the ministry. If still available, kindly send me a print-out of the sermon on October 14. We hear the program on Sundays at WDCX.

Mount Gilead, North Carolina: I heard your message on lessons from a sad quarrel on the sermon audio site and very much enjoyed it. I appreciate your apparent humility coupled with fervent devotion that shines through in the recorded messages.

Lawton, Oklahoma: Our congregation (PCA) plans to begin an internet radio station. We are currently seeking material for programming on NGR. Would you be so kind as to allow us to rebroadcast the ÒBanner of TruthÓ on NGR on the LordÕs Day?

Concerning this last response, we say--Surely! Let GodÕs Word be sounded with every opportunity we have or receive! ÒCast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many daysÓ (Ecclesiastes 11:1). Greetings to all.

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