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Homosexual Numbers Exaggerated

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A Leger Marketing poll released in July exposes the lie of radical homosexual activists who inflate the number of homosexuals to advance their agenda. For years, based on the faulty ÒresearchÓ of the likes of Alfred Kinsey, homosexuals and the media have claimed that 10 per cent of the population is homosexual. Yet, the Leger poll found that only 2.6 per cent of Canadians have ever engaged in homosexual sex acts and only 4.6 percent have ever been attracted to someone of the same sex. The poll found that 75 per cent of respondents support granting homosexual couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, but when pressed on specific rights such as marriage and adoption, the numbers dropped dramatically to 65 and 53 per cent respectively. (From The Interim)

We always suspected that those numbers were exaggerated, but the Leger report gives further proof. And yet, many people prefer, or feel it necessary to believe the lie.

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