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Taliban, 11 Days Before September 11

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
The Islamic Taliban regime of Afghanistan closed the offices of U.S. based Christian aid organizations International Assistance Mission (IAM) and Serve on Friday, August 31, and ordered their estimated 50 foreign staff members to leave the country within 24 hours. Western diplomats described the move as part of a further crackdown against Christianity in Afghanistan. Already, 24 detained workers of the German-based Christian relief organization Shelter Now, including eight foreigners, are expected to face an Islamic court on charges of attempting to spread Christianity. Under the regime's Islamic law, anyone promoting or converting to another religion than Islam could face the death penalty, although foreigners are expected to be deported. Shelter Now says its main purpose was giving aid to the people of the war-ravaged country and that Christian materials discovered among its staff were "for personal use." "The Shelter Now affair has poisoned the atmosphere and increased the mistrust among the Taliban and the local population," Germany's DPA news agency quoted medical doctor Peter Schwittek as saying in Kabul. (From Presbyterians-week)

It is ominous to see find out what was happening behind the scenes before September 11.

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