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How Will Bush Perform?

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
George W. Bush has differences with his denomination, the United Methodist Church (UMC). Bush will be the third Methodist to become U.S. president, after William McKinley and Rutherford B. Hayes. He is a member of Highland Park United Methodist Church in the Dallas area, and attends Tarrytown United Methodist Church in Austin. Vice President-elect Dick Cheney also is a United Methodist, according to his biographical material. Bush and his wife, Laura, have taught Sunday school at Highland Park and supported the Wesley-Rankin community center in Dallas. He has been "innovative in partnerships of faith-based communities and government programs while respecting the separation of church and state," Dallas-area Bishop William B. Oden told United Methodist News Service. Bush's opinions sometimes more closely match those of the Southern Baptist Convention, in which Al Gore holds membership. The president-elect supports the death penalty, which the UMC condemns, and takes a pro-life stance except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the mother is at stake. The UMC says it "reluctantly supports" legal abortion. Bush favours vouchers for children to use in private or religious schools, a practice the UMC opposes. He also is more lenient on the issue of gun control than the UMC, and favours allowing younger workers to divert money from Social Security to private savings, which the church opposes. Bush and the UMC oppose same-sex unions and favour a ban on human cloning. United Methodists "often differ among themselves from the official positions expressed by the church's highest legislative body, the General Conference," according to the news service. (From United Methodist News Service)

We'll see how Bush performs. May the Lord and His Word direct the new president.

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