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Bible Teachers Needed

Written by Rev. H.A Bergsma
China's Christians need foreign Bible teachers to help them grow in the faith, underground church leaders say. "Our movement grows by 20 percent each year, but out of 1200 leaders, barely 50 have been Christians for more than four years," a leader told Compass Direct News Service. Of those 50, only 20 have received extensive Bible training, he said. "We must have foreign teachers to come and help us ground ourselves in the Scriptures, otherwise we may become unorthodox, or a cult," the leader said. Some house church movements have departed from orthodox Christian doctrine because of a lack of biblical teaching, according to news reports. The Communist government doesn't help the situation. "Ironically, the government is always telling us we must not become cults. But their policy makes that more likely, because it prevents us from teaching new converts the truth of the Christian faith," the leader said. Regulations forbid foreign religious workers from distributing Bibles or conducting religious activities.

For anyone interested in such work in China, contact Bonisa Missions, which has just recently distributed its magazine in English in our churches.

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