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The Work of A Hand-Maiden

Written by Rev. H. Bergsma
A maid showed her proud boss how to get a clean heart. The woman had a job cleaning at a large electronics company in Minsk, Belarus, where Victor Nemtev, a university professor, was director of the research department, according to DAWN Fridayfax. "She always tried to speak with people in my office, but I declined to speak with her," Nemtev said. "It annoyed me that some people paid more attention to her than to me. She was just a cleaning lady and I was a successful and educated man." She mistakenly believed he was a Christian when, out of pride, he tried to help her explain Christianity to some of his colleagues. "I thought she was running out of arguments," he said. She gave him a New Testament, which he began to read. "I discovered that Christianity is not a simple religion for uneducated people. I asked the woman whether she knew other Christians" who could explain the Bible to him. Nemtev became a Christian at a meeting the maid arranged with other churchgoers. He has helped start a church that reaches "better-educated people," Fridayfax said, and also leads the Bible League in Belarus. (From Crosswalk)

This needs no further explanation. Every Christian should be able to disciple.

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