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From the Editor

Written by George Bok
"God formerly suffered all nations to walk in their own ways, but now commands all men everywhere to repent"

God has been patient with this world and has not destroyed mankind because of their idolatry, but has sent His gospel into the world that it may lead us to repentance. Thanks be to God for the revelation He has given us of His love in sending His own Son to be the Sin Bearer and Saviour. God has not left us in darkness but calls us to repent and believe the message of His Son. This is the message which we may bring to our mission field in Cubulco and broadcast by way of our radio ministry. Let us continue to pray and support all this work, for "the harvest is plenteous an labourers are few."

Pastor Herfst and his family have returned to Cubulco after their furlough. Jackie is recovering from her leg injury and is doing well. Pastor Herfst is excited about a possible radio station in Cubulco as you will read in his article. Pastor Overduin, our new Radio Pastor, who has taken over from Rev. Pronk, has an update on the radio ministry. Garry Postma (our Secretary for Foreign Missions) and Pastor Herfst attended an ICRC Mission Conference in Brazil last year. All delegates were asked to present a message. You can read Garry's in this issue of Mission News.

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