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Son of Athiest Icon Speaks Out for Christian Causes

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
He was 14 when his atheist mother went to court to stop the daily classroom prayers at his junior high school in Baltimore. He was 34 when he converted to Christianity and now, at 55, William Murray visited Matthews, N.C. to tell his story and that of his mother, Madalyn Murray O'Hair. O'Hair's lawsuit caused the U.S. Supreme Court to ban publicly-led prayer in public schools and also launched the atheist movement in America, with her as its leader. Murray went on to become a speaker, author and lobbyist for evangelical Christian causes. Murray, now chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, recently spoke with The Charlotte Observer. Among other topics, he mentioned that Americans have made "special allowances for other religions and peoples at the expense of the underlying culture. Example: In Brooklyn this year, during Ramadan, they set up mosques in the cafeteria for the Muslim kids. But if a Christian kindergartner wants his show-and-tell to be something he did in Sunday school, it's taken away and thrown in the trash by the teacher. "This outward hostility toward the Judeo-Christian part of our nation has to stop. We're a nation of immigrants, but that does not mean that the latest immigrants get to force their beliefs down the majority's throat," said Murray. (From Crosswalk)

It appears that the son is as outspoken (positively) as the mother was (negatively). His comments are right on the mark.

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