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Chinese Officials Send 12 Protestants to Labour Camp

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Twelve Chinese Protestants arrested last month at an unregistered church meeting have been sent to a labour camp in northern China. The Christians were sentenced without trial to between two and three years of "re-education through labour" for "illegal religious activities," according to the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy. Police have the authority to administer the "re-education" sentence without trial for up to three years, and many religious leaders in China have been sent to labour camps amid the Communist government's crackdown on unregistered groups. The 12 were sentenced by police in Dongsheng, in Inner Mongolia province. They were among a group of 35 Christians arrested on May 26 during a service at a house in the northern Chinese city. About 30 police reportedly broke up the meeting. The others in attendance were released one day later after paying a fine. The Falun Dafa InformationCenter in New York says 228 people have died as a result of police torture and brutality since the crackdown on unregistered religious activities began two years ago. (From Crosswalk)

As reported, bold, outright persecution is still a tool in Satan's hand. As we engage in prayer, let us not forget those who are in bonds.

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