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A World in Which Anything Can Be Licensed

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
A Dutch ship has set sail for Ireland determined to provide chemical abortions offshore of that brave land where that method of killing babies is illegal. According to the Associated Press, the Dutch-registered Aurora left the Netherlands on June 11 with two doctors and a nurse from Women on Waves, a pro-abortion activist group. Dutch authorities said the group had applied for a clinic license, but had not yet received it. Statements by the government and the group revealed a focus on making sure the group's papers were in order. (The Christian Observer)

I am not sure if this matter really did get a licence. In ÒDe WekkerÓ of June 15, Prof. J. W. Maris also reported on this new Dutch enterprise. It still did not have a licence. But off it went to Ireland anyway. According to Prof. Maris, (who, obviously is distressed about this matter, as anyone of Dutch descent should be) a certain Dr.Gomperts, a female "driven" physician, is the driving force of this floating abortion clinic. By the way, the Aurora has been turned away from the (Roman Catholic) Irish coast!

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