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Friesian Services in Michigan

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
Each year Brookside Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, conducts a memorial service in Friesian, the Northern Dutch language spoken by the Dutch settlers who emigrated to West Michigan from Friesland in the 19th century. Though only about 100 people in the city still speak the language, the traditional services have drawn a crowd for nearly half a century. According to experts, the language is closely related to Old English and is background language for nearly any person of Dutch descent whose last name ends in the letter "a". Rev. Sierd Woudstra, formerly of Third Christian Reformed in Kalamazoo, conducted this year's service. Before preaching, Woudstra, a native Friesian, submitted his sermon to local historian Bernard J. Fridsma, Sr., for translation. (From The Christian Observer)

Friesian may (or may not) be closely related to Old English, but in either case, it is not the best way to propagate the Gospel. It may be a nostalgic experience, but when we are dealing with eternal and spiritual matters, we had better be relevant rather than nostalgic

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