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Indonesian Atrocities Exposed

Written by Rev. H.A. Bergsma
International Christian Concern (ICC) has teamed with the Coalition for Defense of Human Rights and the Indonesia Action Coalition to sponsor a press conference to unveil human rights atrocities in Indonesia, not yet reported by the media. The event took place Friday, March 9, 2001, in Room EF 100 of the US Capitol Building. Human Rights workers and victims described Ð with the help of exclusive, never-before-shown video - ongoing horrors occurring today in Indonesia.

International Christian Concern presented testimonies from refugees about slayings, forced conversions to Islam and forced circumcision (with no anesthetic) of men, women, and children. Testimonies included: a couple with five children taken to a mosque and each circumcised with a razor blade or dull knife, including their youngest child who is six; a 12-year-old boy described how the raiding Jihad Warriors hacked his parents to death with swords. Refugees also reported children kidnapped by the Jihad warriors.

International Christian Concern has launched a campaign to rescue and evacuate entire Christian communities that are being held hostage in the Moluccan Islands. (From International Christian Concern)

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